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Dr. Reimer

This puzzle is using Vocabulary from a Job Readiness Chapter on Occupational Safety

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1.Who should be concerned with safety
5.The type of aid anyone can be trained to give
8.What you should treat second
9.When you should be thinking about safety
10.You ... report all accidents
12.Devices to protect your eyes.
14.You need to know ... you can eat safely.
15.The problem that causes most accidents
17.Law that demanded Safety in the 70's
19.Where you attach Electrical wires to for safety
20.tool used to climb.
21.What you should treat for Thirdly
2.The tool used tro stop a fire
3.What could happen to you if you ignore safety rules.
4.Whom you report accidents to.
6.The guidelines for safety
7.Things that can burn are...
11.What you can do
12.What we should always think about on the job.
13.What you should treat first
16.The most dangerous part of gasoline
18.What you should not do to an extension cord
19.Devices on tools to shield you

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