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3.aggregates added to soil
5.soil units being held together by a gel-type substance formed by organic matter
6.good soil found near the top of the soil profile that supports good plant growth
10.mineral matter used for starting plant seeds and cuttings
11.the white styrofoam looking chips found in soil mixes; holds water and creates pore spaces
13.liquid fertilizer sprayed directly onto plants
16.low grade limestone added to complete fertilizers
20.nitrogen fixating plants such as clover and beans
22.nonliving items found in the soil such as rock
23.the sourness of a soil and has a pHof less than 6.9
24.soils transported by streams
25.soils that are workable by tools
27.placing fertilizer in rows pretty close to the actual plant
28.largest soil particles
29.pale and ashy mosses used to condition soils
31.adding air to the soil
32.growing plants in water
33.an addition to soil
35.allowing movement in soil
36.used by roots of plants
38.fertilizers that contain N, P, and K
40.soils deposited by gravity
41.organic matter made from sphagnum moss
42.Solid rock in the soil profile
43.the tendency of soil particles to cluster and function as soil units
44.used by plant's foliage
45.7.0 on pH scale
1.horizon of unconsolidated material from which soil develops
2.the movement of water through the soil
3.mixture of partially decomposed oranic matter
4.medium sized soil particles
7.cross-section view of soil
8.scaattering fertilizer and/or seeds
9.smallest soil particles
12.inactive materials
14.measurement of soil that ranges from 1-14; percent Hydrogen
15.water logged areas
17.soils deposited by ice
18.materials that provide plants nourishment and support through their root systems
19.dead plant and animal tissue that enriches the soil
21.the sweetness of a soil and has a pH of 7.1-14
26.washing out of minerals in soil
30.used by stems and fruits of plants
34.rot or decay into soil building materials and nutrients
37.living microscopic organisms found in soil
39.layer of soil

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