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Hunger Games Crossword Puzzle

Darrin B.

1 2 3 4
5 6
7 8
10 11
15 16
17 18
19 20

5.The main character's father ____ when the main character was 11
6.The main character's best friend and hunting partner
9.The main character spends most of their days _______
11.The capitol takes both ___ ___ ____ tributes (3 words)
13.The contest that the main character is entered in (3 words)
14.The genre of book the Hunger Games is (2 words)
18.The tribute that the main character teams up with
20.The countery which the book takes place
21.A mute survent for the capitol (2 words)
23.The main character's sister (2 words)
25.The region that Panem is in (2 words)
26.The Hunger Games started out with ____ tributes
1.The main character's stylist at the capitol
2.The weapon that the main character is most skilled with (3 words)
3.The main character's mentor for the Hunger Games
4.A possable theme that is present in the Hunger Games (2 words)
7.Some tributes ______ _ _____ to survive longer during the games (3 words)
8.The author of the Hunger Games (2 words)
10.The boy tribute from district one
12.The main character (2 words)
15.The tributes that train all of their lives for the hunger games (2 words)
16.The boy tribute from district 12 (2 words)
17.The day the book begins (2 words)
19.The job the boy tribute has before The Hunger Games
22.The district the main character is from (2 words)
24.The Hunger Games is a ______ event

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