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Norman Borlaug


Norman Borlaug has been called called triticale.
When he attended the University of Minnesota  decided to pursue plant pathology.
After hearing about plant diseases he opposed Borlaug and tried to stop his work.
The Rockefeller Foundation appointed him to produce a much larger crop on the same ground.
In Mexico he developed a strain of wheat India and Pakistan where people were starving.
Because of his work farmers could he studied forestry.
Borlaug took his new wheat seed to  the father of the "Green Revolution".
He developed a new grain  which had large heads and would not fall over.
Some environmentalists have a position to work in Mexico to improve crops.
Borlaug taught and researched   more human lives than any other person in history.
In 1970 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Some people credit Borlaug with saving at Texas A and M University for 25 years.

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