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Ch. 1 Vocabulary Craziness


The building blocks of geometry for success: Match each of the following words with its definition.

1acute angle _____two angles that sum to 90º
2adjacent angles _____a closed figure made up of segments
3bisector _____the endpoint of 2 rays that form an angle
4circumference _____an angle that measures 180º exactly
5collinear points _____points or lines that lie on the same plane
6complementary angles _____a 2 dimensional figure that is straight & continuous in 2 directions
7congruent _____a pair of adjacent angles that form a line
8conjecture _____a line that cuts a segment or angle into two equal pieces
9coplanar _____a piece of a line that has 2 endpoints
10intersection _____a piece of a line that is continuous in one direction
11line _____an angle that measures more than 90º but less than 180º
12linear pair _____an educated guess based on patterns or examples
13midpoint _____the figure that represents location
14obtuse _____a point (or line) where 2 or more lines (planes) meet
15opposite rays _____points on the same line
16plane _____the distance around a polygon
17ray _____angles or segments that have the same measurement
18right _____an angle that measures less than 90º
19segment _____two angles that sum to 180º
20straight _____angles that are next door neighbors
21supplementary _____two collinear rays that share a common endpoint and travel in opposite directions
22vertical _____a 2-dimensional diagram that you can fold to form a 3-d figure
23point _____a point that divides a segment into two equal segments
24coordinate _____two angles that are not adjacent, always congruent, and formed by two intersecting lines
25perimeter _____an angle that measures 90º exactly
26net _____distance around a circle
27polygon _____numbers that correspond to a point on a number line or graph
28vertex _____a flat surface that is continuous in each direction

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