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Prescribed Medication Terms/Phases


Words that are associated with taking prescribed medications

Prescription Psychiatric medication primarily used to manage psychosis (including delusions, hallucination or thought disorder, (schizophrenia
Refills Medication for the treatment of depression
Dosage Being physically addicted to a medication
Side effects When ever you have a adverse reaction to a medication
Overdose The exact amount (number) of medication prescribed by your doctor to take
Pill box Medication used for ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Generic drugs Any consequential, harmful or unpleasant effect of takimg a medication
OTC Any medication capable of affecting the mind, emotion and behavior
Dependence Medications that work like the brand name medications, but they are cheaper
Pill counting Relief from pain
Call your doctor Where you different medications are safely stored
Read the labels Doctors written order permitting you to obtain a specific medication
Psychotropic medications Psychiatric medication induces sedation by reducing irritability or excitement (benzodiazepine)
Antidepressant Take medicatioin only when required
Antipsychotic Psychiatric medication used to treat mood disorder , characterized by intense and sustained mood shifts
Mood stabilizer To take medication more than you were prescribed or to many doses of a medication
Sedative/tranquizer Medications that you can purchase without requiring a presecription
Hypnotic Give someone any of your medications to take
Stimulant  The number of times a pharmacist will give you the medications before requiring another prescription fom your doctor
Analgesic Everytime you pick up a perscription at the pharmacy
Never, never do What you should do when ever you pick up a perscription
PRN Medication whose primary function is to induce sleep

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