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Shakespearean Idioms Worksheet

Ms. Musey Johnson Period 3

The English language has many idioms and phrases borrowed from Shakespeare's plays and which are still used today. See how well you do to match up the idioms to their meanings. Match the idioms on the left with their meanings on the right.

1. neither here nor there something has no consequence or meaning
2. the short and long of it someone or something that does not look nice or well
3. it's Greek to me a person who is active late at night
4. tongue-tied a person or thing that is viewed more with sadness than with anger
5. vanished into thin air when you cannot say something or express yourself
6. in a pickle to give back what you owe
7. a tower of strength lost something and you cannot find it
8. a sorry sight the most important point of it
9. act more in sorrow than in anger feeling happy when it will not last long, false happiness
10. night owl to laugh very hard
11. slept not one wink I do not understand
12. l was in stitches having a problem or situation you cannot solve
13. too much of a good thing to be in better condition or happier in earlier days
14. seen better days something should happen soon, you have waited too long
15. lived in a fool's paradise not sleeping at all
16. it is high time someone who can be helpful and give comfort and support
17. without rhyme or reason stop something or someone who is annoying you
18. give the devil his due something that has no reason or purpose
19. bid me good riddance taking things to easy could cause more problems

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