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The Sun

Peyton Fatima Ethan

the sun matching game

the sun dark regions on the surface of the photosphere; appear dark because of their temperature
photosphere above photosphere; it is observable for a few moments during a total solar eclipse.
chromosphere deep in the sun's interior, sun produces energy by this process; energy is released because some matter is actually converted to energy.
corona huge cloudily structures consisting of chromospheric gases
solar wind radiates most of the sunlight we see
sunspots outermost portion of solar atmosphere; visible only when the brilliant photosphere is covered.
prominences most explosive events associated with sunspots; brief outbursts that normally last about an hour and appear as a sudden brightening of the region above a sunspot cluster.
solar flares one of the 100 billion stars that make up the Milky Way galaxy; source of 99 percent of all energy on earth
auroras streams of protons and electrons ejected at high speed from the solar corona
nuclear fusion most spectacular effects of solar flares

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