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Prathom 6



1bacteria _____hair like structure for attachment
2bacterium _____instrument used in observing tiny bacteria
3unicellular _____permeable substance responsible for in and out of materials
4prokaryotic _____part of human body where bacteria help process food
5autotrophic _____singular form
6saprophyitic _____bacterial reproduction rate
7reproduction _____body form
8flagella _____location of bacteria
9pili _____serious disease caused by bacteria
10capsule _____food item produced by bacteria with milk
11plasma membrane _____plural form
12ribosomes _____rod-shaped body form of bacteria
13DNA _____bacteria live like this
14cocci _____spherical-shaped body form of bacteria
15bacilli  _____cellular structure
16spirilla _____organism that can make their own food
17ten thousand _____binary fission
18colonies _____spiral-shaped body form of bacteria
19twenty minutes _____outer most covering of bacteria for protection
20tuberculosis _____number of species in bacteria
21cheese _____contains information to run the bacteria
22everywhere _____for protein synthesiser
23stomach _____part of bacteria used for locomotion
24microscope _____organism that eat dead am decaying matter

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