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Among The Living

Match these lead singers from A-Z (no X) with the band they are associated with.

Billie Joe Armstrong Whitesnake
Bono Traffic
David Coverdale Black Sabbath
Roger Daltrey Maroon 5
Joe Elliott The Who
John Fogerty U2
Peter Gabriel Cheap Trick
James Hetfield  Creedence Clearwater Revival
Billy Idol Radiohead
Mick Jagger Genesis
Anthony Kiedis The Police
Adam Levine Motley Crue
Freddie Mercury Generation X
Vince Neil Green Day
Ozzie Osbourne  Queen
Robert Plant Red Hot Chili Peppers
Q-Tip The Rolling Stones
Axl Rose A Tribe Called Quest
Sting Led Zeppelin
Ryan Tedder Guns N' Roses
Brendon Urie Panic! at the Disco
Eddie Vedder Def Leppard
Steve Winwood Pearl Jam
Thom Yorke Metallica
Robin Zander One Republic

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