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Blood cell disorders

Konstance Joseph

1Plummer Vinson syndrome _____MALT (Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissue)
2pernicious anemia _____known as christmas disorder
3pernicous anemia _____overexpressed MYC oncogene
4sickle cell anemia _____Starry sky Histopathology
5thalassemia beta _____involve ONLY lymph nodes
6thalassemia beta _____megloblastic anemia
7thalassemia alpha _____Deficiency of Factor IX
8polycythemia vera _____does not cause splenomegaly
9pernicous anemia  _____Step ladder appearence
10pernicous anemia _____associated w/ Sjogren syndrome
11sickle cell anemia _____Decrease in number of blood platelets (150,000 or less)
12thalassemia _____Philadelphia Chromosome-(9,22)
13anemia _____Malignancy of plasma cells
14sickle cell anemia _____most common type of leukemia affecting elderly adults
15hemophillia b _____Proliferation of abnormal white blood cells
16agranulocytosis _____severe form of leukopenia (neutropenia)
17aplastic anemia _____found within hours of birth
18aplastic anemia _____hair on end
19hodgkin lymphoma _____Involve lymph nodes and occur in extranodal sites
20hodgkin lymphoma _____“Punched out” well-defined radiolucencie
21non-hodgkin lymphoma _____b12 deficency
22hodgkin lymphoma _____leukemia seen in patients over 40
23non-hodgkin lymphoma _____blood cells do not undergo normal maturation
24non-hodgkin lymphoma _____Expression of Epstein Barr virus (EBV
25burkitt lymphoma _____Most common inherited bleeding disorder
26burkitt lymphoma _____Common hematologic manifestation of AIDS
27burkitt lymphoma _____seen in sctrict vegitarians
28burkitt lymphoma _____Iron deficiency is the most common form
29leukemia _____classic triad symptoms (weakness, Painfyl tongue, and Numbness of extremities)
30leukemia _____squamous cell carcinoma
31Acute Lymphoblastic (ALL) _____chipmunk face
32Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) _____autosomal ressecive gene
33Chronic Lymphocytic (CLL) _____Various forms (CLL,ALL,CML,AML)
34Acute Myeloid (AML) _____hair on end appearence
35leukemia _____Fifty percent (50%) of all malignancies involving bone
36multiple myeloma _____Reed-Sternberg cell
37multiple myeloma _____X-linked recessive disorder, primarily affects males
38multiple myeloma _____symptoms include: Myelophthisic anemia, Fatigue, Thrombocytopenia, and fever
39thrombocytopenia _____occurs exclusively in children
40thrombocytopenia _____Bimodal age and incidence
41von Willebrand disease _____large mass RBC
42von Willebrand disease _____gastric carcinoma
43hemophillia A _____Defect in platelet function and coagulation
44hemophillia B _____two types: Endemic/African and Sporadic/American

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