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Abiotic Factor Organisms, such as fungi and bacteria, that break down and absorb nutrients from dead organisms
Acid Rain Interaction among organisms that require the same resources
Adaptive radiation Nonliving parts of an organism's environment;temperature, moisture, light and soil are all examples
Artificial selection The exchanging of chemical elements between organisms and the abiotic environment
Autotroph Heterotrophs in a biotic environment that feed on other organisms or organic waste
Biochemical cycle Organisms that use energy from the sun or energy stored in chemical compounds to manufacture their own nutrients
Competition Rain, snow, sleet, or fog with a pH below 7; causes deterioration of forest, lakes, statues, and buildings.
Comsumers Process of breeding organisms with specific traits in order to produce offspring with the same trait
Decomposers Interactions among populations in a community; the community's physical surroundings, or abiotic factors
Ecosystem Divergent evolution in which ancestral species evolve into an array of species to fit a number of diverse habitats

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