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happy valentines day from al capone


match the massacer terms

al capone the untouchable leader
dion obannon he taught capone to be a gangster
johnny torio the blonde alibi for jack mcgurn , his girlfriend
elliot ness period of time when alcohol was not allowed
big jim colisimo capones club
bugs moran capones right hand man
richard may highballs owner and a massacre victim
highball al spent his last days in prison here
tommy gun  the german shepherd who survived the shooting
four dueces scarface himself
the outfit chicago grinder , short for thompson sub machine gun
machine gun jack mcgurn crazy guy who was the last leader of obannons gang
prohibition he did not want to do bootlegging and got shot for it
louise rolfe capones gang
public enemy number one site of the shootings
alcatraz irish mobster who died giving a handshake
smc cartage company al was the first one to have this title

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