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Matching Sheet # 50

How many בגדים did the כהן הדיוט have?

1Who was the first nation to fight Bnei Yisroel? _____מן
2What was the date of מתן תורה? _____עמלק
3How many people left Mitzrayim? _____8
4Who were the sons of עמרם? _____4
5Who were the sons of לוי? _____מזבח הנחשת, כיור
6What תפילה did Yitzchok establish? _____י"ד ניסן
7What תפילה did Yaakov establish? _____נחשון בן עמינדב
8What was the date that they took the sheep for the קרבן פסח? _____ו' סיון, 2448
9How old was Avraham when Yitzchak was born? _____Midyan
10Why was he called משה? _____כי מן המים משיתיהו
11Where did the שבטים live in Mitzrayim? _____פקד פקדתי
12How many בגדים did the כהן הדיוט have? _____יהודה
13What is the first mitzva in the Torah? _____גרשום, אליעזר
14What are the 7 names of יתרו? _____משה, אהרון
15What did Bnei Yisroel eat in the midbar? _____100
16With which words did Yaakov tell Yosef they would be redeemed? _____י' ניסן
17Who was Miriam's husband? _____בצלאל בן אורי בן חור, אהליאב בן אחיסמך
18Who were the men in charge of building the משכן? _____חור
19How many בגדים did the כהן גדול have? _____מנחה
20Why was it called מערת המכפלה? _____because couples are buried there
21Where did Hashem appear to Moshe in the סנה? _____600,000
22Where did Moshe go when he ran away from Mitzrayim? _____Goshen
23What was the date that they shechted the sheep for the קרבן פסח? _____החדש הזה לכם
24What are the 4 לשונות of גאולה? _____הר סיני, חורב, הר האלקים
25Who were the sons of משה? _____רעואל,יתר,יתרו,חובב,חבר,קיני,פוטיאל
26Who was the first man to jump into the ים סוף? _____210
27Yaakov sent him ahead to build בתי מדרשים in מצרים? _____והוצאתי, והצלתי, וגאלתי, ולקחתי
28What כלים were there in the חצר? _____גרשון, קהת, מררי
29Who was Miriam's son? _____מעריב
30How many years were Bnei Yisroel in Mitzrayim? _____כלב

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