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Noun - Persons

No. correct / No. attempted X 100 = %

_________ / _______ X 100 = _______

1buffoon _____one who lives in a place
2guerrilla _____resident
3resident _____one who walks and is not driving
4magnate _____a person who travels from home to work and back
5underdog _____a fool and/or clown
6runt _____halfpint, pee-wee, shrimp
7felon _____a pedestrian who does not obey the traffic laws
8quack _____loser
9derelict _____a rich, powerful business person
10commuter _____a loner
11turncoat _____one who listens in on other peoples' conversation
12occupant _____opponent
13mentor _____traitor
14consumer _____a person who abandoned his duties or responsibilities; bum
15innovator _____a trusted counselor or guide
16adversary _____buyer
17pedestrian _____a person who create new ideas or ways of doing things
18vigilante _____someone pretending to be a doctor
19recluse _____someone who fights the people in power; rebel
20jaywalker _____criminal
21eavesdropper _____one who takes the law into their own hands

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