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Waylan's mother Russia match up


match your pals pooh

General Winter st petersburg was named for him
USSR weather wins war
Moscow Christmas type of holiday in Russia
bear down what russia is and always will be
Kiev top russian writer of war and peace
Birch tree soviet union, Russia
beresta capital of Russia
New Years Day northern sea in russia
Gregorian  stuff made of birch wood
Julian russian term for openness
urals command economy system
Caspian Sea soviet ww 2 leader
czar calendar type, old one
Siberia honesty
tundra first christian city in Russia
lake ladoga top russian composer the nutcracker
tagia what happens if you trip
Ivan the Terrible symbol of Russia growing tall
Katherine the Great  founder of the communist revolution
peter the great cold northern part of russia
vladimir lenin cold forest biome
joesph stalin he was a bad guy ruler
glasnost calendar type, new one
perestroika largest lake in europe
communism last czar of russia
Nicholas Romanov cold frozen planes
rasputin mountains in Russia
tolstoy Russian for Ceasar or ruler
tchaikovsky evil monk
your friend she was a ruler who modernized russia

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