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Jessie James


Match your pals poohs

Bloody Bill Anderson city where the James boys got shot up bad
Frank James those who thought jessie helped the poor called him this
Alan Pinkerton he killed Jessie James, the dirty little coward
Zerelda James jessies step dad
Younger jessie is portrayed as this in the murder of jessie james
Northfield Mn offered amnesty to the james boys
Bob Ford Jessie hated him for nearly killing his mom
Missouri leader of Quantril's raiders
gold hungry what happens if you trip
robin hood the name of Jessies bank robbing cousins
daylight bank robbery Jessie's older brother , died in 1915
rueben samuels what Jessies gun was supposedly in the story
president lincoln Jessie's home state
a victim jessie and the boys did this first
bear down Jessie and Frank's mother

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