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Miss McNamara

Match the vocabulary word(s) with their definition.

A. sexuality ___ the cell wall
B. puberty ___ twins that develop from one fertilized egg
C. reproductive system ___ where all the information is stored about the new life - the "command center"
D. fertility ___ the body system whose purpose is to create new life
E. membrane ___ what a new human life is called after conception
F. chromosomes ___ responsible for starting the reproductive system
G. implantation ___ the ability to create new life
H. embryo ___ the information in each cell
I. genes ___ when the uterus contracts and relaxes to push the baby out
J. nucleus ___ these decide your hair colour, size, height, etc.
K. zygote ___ when your reproductive system starts to work
L. DNA ___ when the cell sticks to the wall of the uterus
M. conception ___ when the sperm and ovum unite (go together)
N. fraternal twins ___ being male or female
O. identical twins ___ what a new human life is called after it implants into the wall of the uterus
P. labour ___ a bundle of DNA, each cell as 23 pairs of these
Q. pituitary gland ___ twins that develop from two fertilized eggs

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