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Finance Vocabulary 1 Review

Melanie Yalcinkaya

A penny To be your own boss
A nickel A loan to buy a house or property
A dime An opinion on how well you can pay back a loan
A quarter The basic interest rate that banks use
A half-dollar Guarantee a loan for someone else
Bill A fifty-cents coin
Coin The maximum you can borrow
Mortgage A ten cents coin
Default Yearly.
Funds Changes over time
Variable Your income before you pay taxes
Fixed A bank account you use to save money.
Co-sign Stays the same over time
Cash advance Paper money
Credit rating To take money from someone for a period of time
Credit evaluation Not pay back a loan
Credit limit Be able to pay for goods or pay back a loan
Annual To use money
Savings To keep money for the future
Checking Money you make at a job
Afford To give something to someone for money
Interest A check to see how well you can pay back a loan
Net income Money
Gross income Metal money
Prime The cost of borrowing money
Save A five cents coin
Spend A person who works at a bank
Deposit To give someone money for a period of time
Withdraw Money borrowed for something, like a house or a car
Borrow Your income after you pay income taxes and expenses
Lend Money that you borrow on a credit card
Pay back To move money between bank accounts
Sell Money owed
Purchase A bank account you use for day to day expenditures
Debt A twenty-five cents coin
Credit Risk Money you pay to do something, like go to the movies
Teller To put money into a bank account
Fee A person who has a lot of debt
Self-employed To take money out of a bank account
Transfer To buy
Debit To withdraw money
Salary  A one cent coin
Loan To return money you owe

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