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Homeopathic Remedies


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Veratum album coughs
Spongia tosta Rashes and eczema
Sulphur colds, fever with sudden onset
Silicea bruising, muscle soreness
Ruta graveolens Grief, emotional upset
Rhus toxicodendron diarrhea with vomiting
Phosphorous Fever, inflammation
Nux vomica arthritis pain, better from motion
Mercuris vivus Thick, sticky nasal discharge
Magnesia phosphorica indigestion, nausea
Ledum palustre Nausea and vomiting
Kali bichromicum bites, stings, swelling
Ipecacuanha runny nose
Ignatia amara Teething, irritability
Hypericum perfoliatum Bites, stings and minor puncture wounds
Hydrastis canadensis nerve injury
Hepar sulphuris calcareum coughs, mucous in chest
Gelsemium semperivens nausea
Ferrum phosphoricum Headaches, flus with muscle pain
Coffee cruda menstrual cramps
Cocculus indicus diarrhea
Chamomilla severe fontanel sinus headache and post nasal drip
Carbo vegetabilis sore throat
Cantharis teething
Calcarea phosphorica Cough and runny nose
Bryonia alba Motion sickness
Belladonna Frequent colds, hayfever with chronic sinus infection
Arsenicum album Fevers and inflammation
Arnica montana Bladder irritation
Apis mellifica Cough and sore throat
Antimonium tartaricum Dry cough, arthritis pain
Allium cepa Sleeplessness with mental hyperactivity
Aconitum napellusa sprains and tendonitis

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