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Map Vocabulary Test #3

Mrs. Vesey

coal  part of the United States not admitted as a state
crude oil a map that shows places or events from the past
natural resources an area where factories are found
petroleum another name for oil
nonrenewable natural resources public places that provide for the needs of a community such as schools, hospitals, police stations, and parks
civil war league of southern states that seceded from the U.S.
Confederate State of America (the South) not an endless supply of this mineral, it can be used up.
history map to formally withdraw from a group or an organization
secede a large area where garbage is buried
territory yellow-to-black oil as it occurs naturally in a reservoir
city planner war between state within the same nation
commercial area an area where people's homes are found
community services materials supplied by nature that are useful or necessary for life
industrial area a black mineral formed from the remains of ancients plants
landfill site an area where businesses and stores are found
residential area a person who advises local governments on ways to improve the community

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