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British Monarchs


Match the monarch with info that describes them

Alfred the Great (975-978) Oldest son of Edgar the Peaceful but was not seen as rightful heir, younger brother Æthelred was seen as legitimate heir, murdered
Edward the Elder (955-959) Nephew of Eadred and son of Edmund I, became king at 15 and died at 19
Æthelstan (899-924) Son of Alfred the Great, fought the Vikings out of Southern England, ruled Wessex, Mercia and East Anglia,
Edmund I (871-899) First "King of the Anglo-Saxons" Defended England against the Viking conquest
Eadred (924-939) Son of Edward the Elder, regarded the first "King of England" Conquered York to capture all of England but Vikings took it back. Fought the Scots in the Battle of Brunanburh, had no children
Eadwig "the All-Fair" (1042-1066) Younger son of Aethelred the Unready, succeeded half-brother Harthacnut. Only English monarch to be canonized. Built Westminster Abbey. Last king of the House of Wessex
Edgar the Peaceful (1066-1087) Invasion of England, Battle of Hastings, first Norman king, built the Tower of London, Domesday Book (survey of all landowners)
Edward the Martyr (978-1013) Took throne at 12, his supporters murdered his brother Edward the Martyr. Danes began raiding, Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark took the throne briefly and Aethelred fled to Normandy
Æthelred the Unready (1066) Brother-in-law of Edward the confessor. Reigned 9 months, killed in the Norman invasion at the Battle of Hastings.
Sweyn Forkbeard (1035-1040) Son of Cnut the Great, ruled in place of his brother Harthacnut as he was stuck in Denmark.
Æthelred the Unready (946-955) Brother of Edmund I who was murdered, retook Northumbria from the Vikings and Eric Bloodaxe, died at age 32
Cnut the Great (1014-1016) Returned briefly from exile on Isle of Wight after death of Sweyn Forkbeard, was driven out by Cnut the Great
Harold Harefoot (959-975) Younger brother of Eadwig and son of Edmund I, time of peace, crowned in Bath in what was the foundation of the modern coronation ceremony
Harthacnut (1016-1035) Son of Sweyn Forkbeard, briefly brought crowns of England and Denmark together. Also took Norway and some of Sweden, seen as one of the most effective kings in Anglo-Saxon history
Edward the Confessor (939-946) Brother of Æthelstan who had no children, fought off constant conquests by the Vikings in Northumbria and the Midlands, murdered in church
Harold Godwinson (Harold II) (1040-1042) Older brother of King Harold Harefoot, returned to England when his brother died, supposedly poisoned, last Scandinavian king of England
William the Conqueror (1013-1014) Took the throne from Aethelred the Unready following Danish invasion of England,

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