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DMA  appeal
Medical providers must file claims to medicaid Performance
An a/r has the right to ____ an action if he disagrees with the dss decision ten
The effective date of an ___ ___ is the day that it is mailed. Average Processing Time/ Percent Processed Time
The a/r may request a hearing adequate notice
A local hearing may be delayed for up to ____more calendar days 90
What is measured and evaluated monthly and annually or biannually? within 365 days of date of service
What is APT & PPT? Division of Medical Assistance
What ________% of their applications must be processed 45/90 day time standard? Corrective Action Team
The ________________ _______________ should ensure that all Income Maintenances personnel including receptionist, are trained and familiar with application processing requirements. verbally or in writing
A representative of DHHS appointed by the Secretary and a representative of the NC Association of County Commissioners, are members of the  County Director

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