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hanim pazlina hasliza

FORCE SI unit of force and weight
MASS SI unit of mass
WEIGHT Can be defined as measure of its inertia
Newton(N) or kgms-2 Can be defined as pull or push
Kg SI unit of moment
EQUILIBRIUM Of FORCE The sum of the clockwise moments about a pivot is equal to the sum of the anticlockwise moments about the same pivot
RESULTANT Of FORCE Can be defined as the tendency of force to twist or rotate an object
RESOLUTION Of FORCE Means the sum of two or more different forces acting on the object
MOMENT Of FORCE Object is at rest which the forces acting are balanced and the resultant force is zero
Newton Meter (Nm) It is the method of resolving a vector into its components of y and x-axis
PRINCIPLE Of MOMENT Can be defined as the gravitational force acting on the object

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