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Word list 3


Appellation harsh; severe
Apposite item made by human craft
Apprise praise; approval
Approbation diligent; hard-working
Appropriate a specialized vocabulary used by a group
Apropos to inform
Archeology name
Ardor guileless; natural
Arduous secondary occupation
Argot slander; false rumor
Arrest relevant
Artifact to make less severe
Artless stern; unadorned
Aspersion place of refuge or shelter
Assiduous to inform
Assuage the study of material evidence of past human life
Astringent to affirm; declare to be true
Asylum extremely difficult, laborious
Attenuate to take possession for ones own use, confiscate
Audacious self-governing; independent
Austere to weaken
Autonomous to stop; to seize
Avarice great emotion or passion
Aver bold; daring
Avocation greed

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