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Rental Word Matching Activity

The building has two apartments in it No pets allowed in the apartment
Classifieds or classified ads the the building has been changed, fixed or redesigned to look better than before
Security deposit a small apartment that has one room for the bed and living room and a kitchen and bathroom
Furnished duplex
landlord The person who owns the apartment that you are going to rent
N/P or NP the minimum and maximum amount of amount you will pay
N/S or NS where two streets meet (North/South and East/West)
on-site the apartment does not include any furniture
price range electricity, gas, hydro
renovated in the building, but not inside each apartment eg. laundry on site
rent no smoking allowed in the apartment
sq. ft.  Somewhere a newspaper on on a website where you can find things for sale or rent (i.e. Kijiji or Craigslist)
studio or bachelor apartment the amount of money you pay every month
unfurnished Southside, Northside, Westside, Eastside
utilities the size of the apartment
s/s, n/s, w/s, e/s The amount that a renter must pay for cleaning or damages to the apartment
intersection The apartment comes with furniture. The renter does not have to bring their own

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