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Introduction to Secure Mobile


This puzzle make user to learn about Introduction Secure Mobile.

1Confidentiality _____Ease of use for users diminishes
2Information Warfare _____An event involving the exposure of information to entities not authorized access to the information
3Data Modification  _____Get the private information (pin number/password) without any permission
4Open Security Model _____The easiest to implement
5Data Disclosure _____Delete files unfortunately
6Closed Security Model _____May involve collection of tactical information to demoralize the enemy and the public
7Information Theft _____Modify information that an attacker is not authorized to modify
8Unauthorized Disclosure _____protecting information from being modified by unauthorized parties
9Integrity _____Confidentiality is the protection of personal information.
10Accidental Data Loss _____the information must be available when it is needed.
11Restrictive Security Model  _____Voluntary sharing of any and all information that is considered relevant to a given situation
12Availabilty _____Products and services that ensure that data continue to be available
13Data Availability _____User access is difficult and cumbersome

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