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Compensation MT


Classical Managerial Strategy The attitude one holds toward good job performance
Compensation Strategy An approach to management that assumes most employees inherently dislike work but can be induced to work in order to satisfy their economic needs
Competency -based pay Missing phrase2 - 28
Contingent Workers Workers that are not employed on a full-time or permanent basis
Defender Corporate Strategy Missing phrase2 - 26
Employee Stock Bonus Plan Missing phrase2 - 27
Employee Stock Plan Identifying and exploiting new opportunities quickly
Employment Standards Legislation The economic / monetary part of reward system (e.g. base pay, indirect pay, performance pay)
High Involvement Managerial Strategy An approach to management that assumes most employees inherently dislike work but can be induced to work in order to satisfy their social needs
Human Relations Managerial Strategy Legislation that sets minimum standards for pay and other conditions of employment such as wages, hours of work, vacation, statutory holiday and so forth
Human Rights Legislation Pay that is geared to the number of units sold, the dollar value of the sales or number of transactions
Indirect Pay An approach to management that assumes that work can be intrinsically motivating if the organization is structured properly
Labour Market Constraints Non-cash items or services that satisfy a variety of specific employee needs
Membership Behaviour Positive consequences of performing behaviours desired by organizations
Merit Raise An increase to an employee's base pay in recognition of good job performance
Organizational Citizenship Behaviour Based on the characteristics rather than the performance of individual employees; usually applied to managerial or professional employees
Organizational Commitment A plan for the mix of rewards with the means to be provided
Organizational Identification According to the total value of the skills and competencies an employees has acquired
Pay-for-knowledge System A sense of shared goals and belongingness, and the desire to remain a member of the organization
Piece Rates A plan through which employees receive shares in their employer at no cost to the employee
Product/Service Market Constraints Occurs when employees decide to join and remain with a firm
Prospector Corporate Strategy Strength of individual attachment to the company
Reward The mix of extrinsic and intrinsic rewards provided by an organization
Reward Strategy Legislation that prohibits discrimination in hiring or employment on the basis of race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, marital status, or age
Reward System A pay system under which individuals receive a specified sum of money for each unit of output they produce or process
Sales Commission Employees voluntarily undertake special behaviours beneficial to the organization
Skill Block Constraints of compensation strategy caused by the nature of the product or service market in which the firm operates
Skill Certification Constraints on compensation strategy flowing from the relative levels of demand and supply for particular occupational groups
Total Rewards Dominating a narrow porduct or service market segment
Work Motivation Any type of plan through which employees acquire shares in the form that employs them

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