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CHAPTER 1 DFP4053 : Introduction To Oracle Database Architecture

Quayyum(f1128) , adibah(f1153) , mardhiah(f1097) , akmal(f1027) , hadii(f1003) , yusof(f198) , afif(f1129), farhan(f1201) -PSMZA

This puzzle will test understanding regarding Oracle Database Architecture

Database & Metadata Roles of DBA
Extent The level of logical database storage above an extent is called a
Names, relationships, primary, foreign The oracle grid architecture pools large numbers of _ , _ , and _ into a flexible , on-demand computing resource for enterprise computing needs.
Servers, storage, networks Within the logical model , the entity _ , entity _ , attributes , _ keys and _ keys will show up
Ralitional Database Management System Logical space where the Oracle database data is store
Segment Advantages of Oracle database
Administer users and security Every Oracle database, we will be having one or more data files associated
Data block Identify elements of Oracle statement
Data file RDBMS stands for _
Reliability The next level of logical database space is called a

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