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Nat Geo Voc. List # 13

1iron _____trade across the Sahara
2Mansa _____Discovered iron in West Africa
3oral tradition _____a strong, hard gray metal found in rocks
4terra cotta _____the period described by the rapid spread of iron tools and weapons
5Ghana _____King, title of the ruler of Mali
6Iron Age _____history that passes down by word of mouth from one generation to the next
7Mali _____baked clay
8Mansa Musa _____the first kingdom in Africa, city of gold
9Nok _____He established the Kingdom of Mali, Lion King
10Sub-Sahara Africa _____valuable product
11Sundiata Keita _____Kingdom in West Africa, this kingdom came after Ghana
12Trans-Saharan _____Emperor of the Kingdom of Mali, took a pilgrimage to the city of Mecca
13desertification _____A group of traders traveling together across the desert
14commodity _____the process by which fertile land becomes desert
15caravan _____the region south of the Sahara

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