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Beconase AQ diltiazem
Benadryl clonidine
Benicar celecoxib
Buspar losartan potassium
Bystolic clindamycin
Calan ciprofloxacin
Calcium verapamil
Cardizem carvedilol
Cardura guaifenesin/codeine
Catapres-TTS diphenhydramine
Celebrex loratadine
Celexa methylphenidate
Cheratussin AC warafin
Cipro hydrocortisone
Claritin olmesartan medoxomil
Cleocin beclomethasone
ClinPro buspirone
Clobex doxazosin mesylate
Cogentin nebivolol
Combivent citalopram
Concerta albuterol/ipratopium
Coreg benztropine mesylate
Cortef sodium fluoride
Coumadin clobetasol propionate
Cozaar calcium

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