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HR - People Terms - Word Match #1 of 5 (2019)

Karen Burton

For practice of HR Terms dealing with People

ADDIE model Planned approach to learning that includes a combination of instructor-led training, self-directed study, and/or on-the-job training.
Applicant tracking systems (ATS) Unmarried couples, of the same or opposite sex, who live together and seek economic and noneconomic benefits comparable to those granted to their married counterparts.
Assessment centers Pay adjustment given to eligible employees regardless of performance or organizational profitability; usually linked to inflation.
Auditory learners Software application that automates organizations' management of the recruiting process (such as accepting application materials, screening applicants, etc.).
Balanced scorecard Process of delivering educational or instructional programs to locations away from a classroom or site.
Blended learning Performance management tool that depicts an organization's overall performance, as measured against goals, lagging indicators, and leading indicators.
Career development Assessment tools that provide candidates a wide range of leadership situations and problem-solving exercises.
Career management Pay rate divided by the midpoint of the pay range.
Career planning Activities that focus on preparing employees for future responsibilities while increasing their capacity to perform their current jobs.
Compa-ratio Activities associated with an employee's tenure in an organization.
Compensation philosophy Short but broad statement documenting an organization's guiding principles and core values about employee compensation.
Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) Career development programs that identify meaningful career paths for professional and technical people outside traditional management roles.
Developmental activities Employees' emotional commitment to an organization, demonstrated by their willingness to put in discretionary effort to promote the organization's effective functioning.
Distance learning Progression through a series of employment stages characterized by relatively unique issues, themes, and tasks.
Domestic partners Instructional systems design framework consisting of five steps that guide the design and development of learning programs.
Dual career ladders Preparing, implementing, and monitoring employees' career paths, with a primary focus on the goals and needs of the organization.
E-learning Actions and activities that individuals perform in order to give direction to their work lives.
Employee engagement People who learn best by relying on their sense of hearing.
Employee life cycle (ELC) Electronic media delivery of educational and training materials, processes, and programs.

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