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HR - People Terms - Word Match #2 of 5 (2019)

Karen Burton

For practice of HR Terms dealing with People

Employee survey Form of direct compensation where employers pay for performance beyond normal expectations to motivate higher performance.
Employee value proposition (EVP) Process of systematically studying a job in order to identify the activities/tasks and responsibilities it includes, the personal qualifications necessary to perform it, and the conditions under which it is performed.
Employment branding Process of determining a job's value and price for the purpose of attracting and retaining employees by comparing the job against other jobs within the organization or against similar jobs in competing organizations.
Environmental scanning Process that involves a systematic survey and interpretation of relevant data to identify external opportunities and threats and to assess how these factors affect the organization currently and how they are likely to affect the organization in the future.
External equity Document that describes a job and its essential functions and requirements (including tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, responsibilities, and reporting structure).
Flat-rate pay Process of increasing a job's depth by adding responsibilities to the job.
General pay increase Process of positioning an organization as an "employer of choice" in the labor market.
Green-circle rates Pay increase given to employees based on local competitive market requirements; awarded regardless of employee performance.
Head count Situation in which an organization's compensation levels and benefits are similar to those of other organizations that are in the same labor market and compete for the same employees.
Incentive pay Number of people on an organization's payroll at a particular moment in time.
Individual development plan (IDP) Situations in which an employee's pay is below the minimum of the range.
Internal equity Process of broadening a job's scope by adding different tasks to the job.
Job analysis Extent to which employees perceive that monetary and other rewards are distributed equitably, based on effort, skill and/or relevant outcomes.
Job classification Document that guides employees toward their goals for professional development and growth.
Job description Job evaluation method in which descriptions are written for each class of jobs; individual jobs are then put into the grade that best matches their class description.
Job enlargement Provides each incumbent of a job with the same rate of pay, regardless of performance or seniority; also known as single-rate pay.
Job enrichment Instruments that collect and assess information on employees' attitudes on and perceptions of the work environment or employment conditions.
Job evaluation Employees' perceived value of the total rewards and tangible and intangible benefits they receive from the organization as part of employment, which drives unique and compelling organizational strategies for talent acquisition, retention and engagement.

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