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HR - People Terms - Word Match #5 of 5 (2019)

Karen Burton

For practice of HR Terms dealing with People

Selection screening A state in which an organization's strategy is consistent with its external opportunities and circumstances and its internal structure, resources, and capabilities.
Single-rate pay Process of setting goals and designing a path toward a competitive position.
Situation judgment tests (SJTs) Physical, psychological, and social aspects of employee health.
Stay interviews Method for assessment of an organization's strategic capabilities through use of the environmental scanning process, by which internal and external factors affecting achievement of organizational goals are identified and considered.
Strategic fit Description of what an organization hopes to attain and accomplish in the future, which guides it toward that defined direction.
Strategic management Process for understanding how seemingly independent units within a larger entity interact with and influence one another.
Strategic planning Analyzing candidates' application forms, curricula vitae, and résumés to locate the most-qualified candidates for an open job.
SWOT analysis Assessment tools that present prospective leaders with sample situations and problems they might encounter in a work environment.
Systems thinking Actions, processes, or results that are needed to deliver a desired value.
Time-based step-rate pay System of actions that leaders take to drive an organization toward its goals and objectives.
Total rewards System in which pay is based on longevity in the job and pay increases occur on a pre-determined schedule.
Total rewards strategy Effective and continuing on-the-job application of the knowledge and skills gained through a training experience.
Transfer of learning Plan or method implemented by an organization that provides monetary, benefits-in-kind, and developmental rewards to employees who achieve specific business goals.
Value drivers Direct and indirect remuneration approaches that employers use to attract, recognize, and retain workers.
Vision statement Provides each incumbent of a job with the same rate of pay, regardless of performance or seniority; also known as flat-rate pay.
Visual learners Structured conversations with employees for the purpose of determining which aspects of a job encourage employee retention or may be improved to do so.
Well-being People who learn best by relying on their sense of sight.

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