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HR - Competencies - Word Match #2 of 2 (2019)

Karen Burton

For practice of HR Competencies Terms

Income statement Ability to create connections or rapport with others.
Low-context cultures Statistical method used to predict a variable from one or more predictor variables.
Mind mapping Average of data that adds factors to reflect the importance of different values.
Net profit margin Statement that reports revenues, expenses, and profits for a specified period of time, for example, quarterly or annually.
Nominal group technique (NGT) Technique in which participants each suggest ideas through a series of rounds and then discuss the items, eliminate redundancies and irrelevancies, and agree on the importance of the remaining items.
Online analytical processing (OLAP) The process by which an organization creates the product or service it offers to the customer.
Ratio analysis Processing applications that store data in a multidimensional “cube,” which enables users to analyze data quickly in a variety of different ways.
Regression analysis Concept that proposes that any organization operates within a complex environment in which it affects and is affected by a variety of forces or stakeholders who all share in the value of the organization and its activities.
Root-cause analysis Statistical method used to test the possible effects of altering the details of a strategy to see if the likely outcome can be improved.
Rule of law Data-sorting technique in which group members add related ideas and indicate logical connections, eventually grouping similar ideas.
Scenario/what-if analysis Societies in which relationships have less history; individuals know each other less well and don't share a common database of experience, so communication must be very explicit.
Social intelligence Type of analysis that starts with a result and then works backward to identify fundamental cause.
Stakeholder concept Comparing the sizes of two variables to produce an index or percentage; commonly used to analyze financial statements.
Trend analysis Raw average of data that gives equal weight to all values, with no regard for other factors.
Unweighted mean Statistical method that examines data from different points in time to determine if a variance is an isolated event or if it is part of a longer trend.
Value chain Ratio of net income (gross sales minus expenses and taxes) to net sales.
Variance analysis Statistical method for identifying the degree of difference between planned and actual performance or outcomes.
Weighted mean Concept that stipulates that no individual is beyond the reach of the law and that authority is exercised only in accordance with written and publicly disclosed laws.

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