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HR - Competencies - Word Match #1 of 2 (2019)

Karen Burton

For practice of HR Competencies Terms

Accounts payable Legal system based on written codes (laws, rules, or regulations).
Accounts receivable Legal system in which each case is considered in terms of how it relates to legal decisions that have already been made; evolves through judicial decisions over time.
Affinity diagramming Money an organization owes its vendors and suppliers.
Balance sheet Ability to be sensitive to and understand one's own and others' emotions and impulses.
Business case Statement of an organization's financial position at a specific point in time, showing assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity.
Business intelligence Ability to use information to gain a deeper understanding of an organization and make sound business decisions.
Cash flow statement Societies or groups characterized by complex, usually long-standing networks of relationships; members share a rich history of common experience, so the way they interact and interpret events is often not apparent to outsiders.
Civil law Presentation to management that establishes that a specific problem exists and argues for a proposed solution.
Code of conduct Statement of an organization's ability to meet its current and short-term obligations, showing incoming and outgoing cash and cash reserves in operations, investments, and financing.
Common law Data-sorting technique in which a group categorizes and subcategorizes data until relationships are clearly drawn.
Cultural intelligence Ratio of gross profit to net sales.
Delphi technique Technique that progressively collects information from a group of anonymous respondents.
Due process Capacity to recognize, interpret, and behaviorally adapt to multicultural situations and contexts.
Emotional intelligence (EI) Concept that laws are enforced only through accepted, codified procedures.
Focus group Ability to take an international perspective, inclusive of other cultures' views.
Global mindset Small group of invited persons (typically six to twelve) who actively participate in a structured discussion, led by a facilitator, for the purpose of eliciting their input.
Gross profit margin Principles that guide decision making and behavior in an organization.
High-context cultures Money an organization's customers owe the organization.

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