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Foods and Nutrition


learn how to identify food terms and cutting Technics

chop to mix thoroughly and add air to foods
mince to cut a food into very thin strips
cube to separate solid particles from a liquid by pouring the mixture through a strainer or sieve
dice  to mix ingredients by tumbling them with tongs or a large spoon and fork
pare to make straight shallow cuts with a slicing knife in the surface of a food
score to coat food heavily with flour, breadcrumbs, or cornmeal
slice to heat liquid to just below the boiling point
sliver  to beat ingredients such as shortening and sugar, combining until soft and creamy
crush to cut food into small irregular pieces
flake to chop finely
grate and shred to pour liquid over a food as it cooks using a baster or spoon
grind to lightly sprinkle a food with flour or confectioners'sugar
mash to separate water from solid food by pouring the food in a colander or strainer
Puree to break or tear off small layers of food
quarter to soak dry ingredients in hot liquid to extract flavor or soften the texture
snip to pulverize food into crumbs, powder, or paste with a rolling pin
beat to mix a light fluffy mixture into a heavier one
cream to leave an opening in a container so steam can escape during cooking
fold to put small pieces of food on the surface of another food
stir to cut food into smaller pieces or shreds by pressing and rubbing the food against the rough surface of a grater
toss to crush food into a smooth mixture with a masher or beater
whip to coat a food with three different layers, flour, milk, and cornmeal
baste to mix with a spoon or wire whisk in a circular motion
bread to cut a food into large thin pieces
brush to use a pastry brush to coat a food with a liquid
dot to shape a food by hand or by placing it in a decorative mold
dredge to heat sugar until it liquefies and darkens in color
dust to coat a food with flour
flour to make a liquid clear by removing solid particles
glaze to loosen the flavorful food particles in a pan after food has been browned
blanch to coat a food with a liquid that forms a glossy finish
candy to remove the tough outer coating of a food
caramelize to dip a food briefly in boiling water and then in cold water to stop the cooking process
clarify to grind or mash cooked fruits or vegetables until they are smooth
core to cut into 1/4 or 1/8 inch squares
deglazee to cut into 1/2 inch squares
drain to remove a stone or seed from fruit using a sharp knife
marinate to beat quickly and vigorously to incorporate air into a mixture making it light and fluffy
mold to add flavor to a food by soaking it in a cold, seasoned liquid
pit to remove the center of a fruit
reduce to boil a mixture in order to evaporate the liquid and intensify the flavor
scald to cut food into small pieces with kitchen shears
season to cook a food in a sugar syrup
shell to divide a food into four equal pieces
steep to use a grinder to break up a food into coarse, medium, or fine particles
strain to add such flavorings as herbs and spices to a food
vent to cut off a very thin layer of peel with a paring knife

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