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Glossary words


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1Accelerate _____to slow down
2Adhesion _____right blinker, left blinker
3Aggressive Driving _____an emergency route if intended travel path is blocked
4Alternate path of travel _____a curve that is sloped up from the inside edge
5Anti lock braking system _____To increase in speed and velocity
6Accelerator _____sending and receiving information by using signals, horns, headlamps, gestures, vehicle position
7Alcohol _____A crash when one object hits another with sudden force
8Amphetamines _____from the time the driver applies the brakes until the vehicle stops
9Basic Speed Law _____the gas pedal
10Blind Spot _____a system that enables the vehicle to slow down and stop
11Blood Alcohol Concentration _____tiredness; the tendency to fall asleep
12Brake Pedal _____an area not visible to driver in rear or side mirror
13Braking Distance _____speed up the central nervous system
14Banked Curve _____insurance that covers the cost of repairs for collision damage
15Centrifugal Force _____a force that pushes the vehicle outward when rounding a curve
16Closing Probability _____slows down the central nervous system
17Collision Insurance _____(BAC) the concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream
18Collision _____when a driver is pushy, bold, or acts in an unsafe manner
19Communicate _____Driving Under the Influence / Driving While Intoxicated
20Countersteer _____chemical substance that has physical or psychological effect on a person
21Crash _____traction or friction
22Crosswalk _____a marked pathway used by pedestrians when crossing the street
23Crowned Roadways _____drivers must be in good physical and mental condition to drive
24Decelerate _____the chances you vehicle and an object will move closer together as you move along your path
25Directional Signal _____to turn the wheel back in the opposite direction in order to regain control
26Divided Highway _____ABS
27Driver condition laws _____a highway with a center median strip that separates both traveling sides
28Driver Record _____record of a drivers traffic violation history
29Drowsiness _____to collide with force
30DUI / DWI _____a driver must drive at that speed or less depending on weather or road conditions
31Drugs _____a road higher in the center than on the edges

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