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Books of the Bible Match-It


Not all books are listed.

Genesis the weeping prophet
Exodus letters to the Christians in Corinth
Judges the heroes of faith are listed
1 & 2 Kings the book that describes heaven
Esther Saul was chosen first
Job wrote Luke and Acts, was a doctor
Psalms she saved her people after becoming queen
Proverbs a book of wisdom and good living
Isaiah the beginning
Jeremiah a collection of poems
Ezekiel he stayed faithful even when he lost everything
Daniel tells about Jesus coming
Jonah Paul wrote a letter to Titus
Matthew he was swallowed by a great fish
Luke letter to the Christians in Rome
Acts he saw a vision in the valley of dry bones
Romans tells about the early Christians
1 & 2 Corinthians Paul wrote about the armor of God
Galatians Paul wrote letters to Timothy
Ephesians he was thrown into a lion's den
1 & 2 Timothy God chose leaders for the people
Titus first book of the New Testament
Philemon the people left Egypt
Hebrews Paul wrote a letter to Philemon
Revelation Paul wrote about the Fruit of the Spirit

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