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Drug Listing for Pharmacology

A.S Rose

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Adrenalin (epinephrine) atropine Cardiovascular; Common Use: Diuretic
Benadryl (diphenhydramine), Dramamine (dimenhydrinate) Antiemetic; Common Use: Eases nausea, vomitting
Lanoxin (digoxin) digitalis Anti-coagulant; Common Use: Specials will use to keep blood clotting on catheters, patient must go off this drug before exam!"
Glucagon Cathartic (laxative are mild cathartics); Common Use: promotes bowel movements
heparin, Coumadin (sodium warfarin) Vasodilator; Common Use: Increases circulation
Nitrostat (nitroglycerin) Vasodilation; Common Use: Chest angina (pain or tightness)
Lasix (furosemide) increases cardiac output; Common Use: congestive heart failure, correct abnormal heart rhythms, and angina
Valium (diazepam) Increases blood sugar; Common Use: stabilizes blood levels
Xylocaine (lidocaine) Anti-seizure; Common Use: tranquilizer
Nitroglycerin Anesthetic; Common Use: to numb area of injection
Dilantin (phenytoin), Tegretol (carbamazepine), phenobarbital Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory (NSAID); Common Use: Pain
Demerol, Percodan (oxycodone), Codeine, Morphine increases cardiac output, constricts blood vessels and increases BP; Common Use: Respiratory stimulant and Circulatory stimulant
Naprosyn (naproxen), Motrin (ibuprofen) Analgesic Narcotics; Common Use: For pain, severe pain
Dalmane (flurazepam), Halcion (triazolam) Anti-histamine; Common Use: allergic reactions (hives, rash)
Antivert (meclizine), Compazine Sedative; Common Use: relaxes or calms
Peri-colace Anti-epileptic; Common Use: controls seizures

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