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Personal Finance

Melanie Yalcinkaya

A penny The holder for checks
A nickel  Money
A dime Not pay back a loan
A quarter A twenty-five cent coin
A bill A one cent coin
A coin An opinion on how well you can pay back a loan
A change purse Guarantee a loan for somebody else
Funds A small bag for coins
A check A check to see how well you can pay back a loan
A checkbook A piece of paper money
Wallet A place for people to hold their dollar bills
Credit card Yearly
Prime A piece of metal money
Gross income A ten cent coin
Net income Your income before you pay taxes
Interest Changes over time
Afford The cost of borrowing money
Checking A special type of paper written on that substitutes for money
Savings A bank account you use for day to day expenditures
Annual Your income after you pay income taxes and expenses
Credit limit A five cent coin
Credit evaluation/check Be able to pay for goods or pay back a loan
Credit rating/score A bank account you use to save money
Cash advance A loan to buy a house or property
Co-sign A card used to make purchases with interest attached to it.
Fixed Money that you borrow on a credit card
Variable The maximum you can borrow
Default Stays the same over time
Mortgage The basic interest rate that banks use

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