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Doctor's visit

1symptom _____A condition or illness that will last for a lifetime.
2diagnose _____A disease-causing organism.
3reflex _____Part of the body becoming reddened, sore and enlarged, due to an injury or infection.
4referral  _____An action that is performed in response to something else and thinking.
5complaint _____Very sharp, describing a quality of pain.
6infection _____A condition when the sinuses are full of mucus, making it hard to breathe through the nose.
7virus _____An infection of the sinuses.
8swelling _____A feeling of sickness, often leading to vomiting.
9nausea _____A very bad headache, often with nausea and disturbed vision.
10migraine _____The inability to sleep through the night.
11sinus _____Painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints, usually occurring as the body ages.
12mucus _____The point where two parts of the skeleton fit together (e.g. the ankle, elbow, etc.)
13nasal _____An illness or medical condition presented to a doctor by a patient.
14congestion _____Having to do with the nose.
15sinusitis _____A thick, slippery substance created in the sinuses when one has a cold.
16allergy _____The injury that occurs when a is twisted violently, causing swelling.
17hives _____A physical or mental feature that tells the doctor what the disease is.
18anti-histamine _____A rash of round, red, itchy bumps, often caused by an allergic reaction.
19insomnia _____An infection that multiplies within the cells of a host and leads to illness.
20fracture _____A break in the bone.
21sprain _____An immune response by the body to a substance, often pollen, particular foods or dust.
22joint _____A cavity within the bones of the face, on either side of the nose and above the eyes.
23inflammation _____Identify what the illness is by looking at the symptoms.
24dull _____A drug used to treat the symptoms of an allergy.
25arthritis _____Part of the body becoming reddened, sore and enlarged, due to an injury or infection.
26chronic _____The directing of a patient to a medical specialist by a primary care physician.
27acute _____Pain that is not very bad and feels like an ache.

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