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Business Finance Vocabulary Review

Melanie Yalcinkaya

Expenses The cost of borrowing money
Lend To put money into a company
Owns The opposite of lend.
Tax Money paid back to shareholders
Interest Anything owned by a company that makes money
Revenue Money earned by a company
Income When the amount of money decreases
Owe Anything a person spends money on
Bond People who are in charge of a company.
Debt In possession of
Asset People who own part of a company
Capital To have to pay money back
Dividends Money that companies pay the government
Balance Sheet A safe way of buying part of a company
Shareholders (Stockholders) Money people owe
Owners The opposite of borrow.
Invest Money used to start a company
Loss Another word for salary
Funds A financial document that shows a company's assets, liabilities, and owners' equity
Borrow Another word for money

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