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G.Rea Vici

Aminoglycosides Fosomycin
Tetracyclines Aztreonam
1st Generation Cephalosporins Vancomycin
2nd Generation Cephalosporins TCY
3rd Generation Cephalosporins Gentamycin
4th Generation Cephalosporins TMP-SMX
Narrow B lactam Abx Clindamycin
Extensive B lactam Abx Nitrofurantoin
Carbapenems Ciprofloxacin
Monobactam CefePRIME
UDP-mur NAc inhibitor Abx Amoxicillin
Glycopeptide Abx cephaLEXIN
macrolides Penicillin V
C.difficile specific 50s ribosomal inhibitor  Meropenem
Antifolates CefurOXIME
Fluroquinalones  CeftrAXONE
General nucleic acid disruptor "other" azithromycin

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