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English 9 Lesson 12-13 Vocabulary

Mrs. Taylor

1holocaust _____a great or complete destruction of life
2embroil _____deadly; fatal
3anachronism _____universal; wide-ranging
4denigrate _____someone or something a person cannot conquer or achieve; a hated enemy
5humane _____one who receives benefits
6effusive _____having a bad taste or smell; spoiled
7defunct _____great destruction; chaos
8lackey _____a small amount
9envisage _____to draw into a conflict or fight
10lament _____no longer in existence
11gape _____attributing human characteristics or qualities to objects, animals, or gods
12impertinent _____rude and disrespectful
13haughty _____arrogant; proud
14nemesis _____slyness and cunning in dealing with others
15lethal _____to attack the reputation of; to speak ill of
16deluge _____self-confidence
17catholic _____weird; mysterious; strange and frightening
18eerie _____to mourn
19martial _____to form a mental picture
20anthropomorphic _____emotionally excessive; overly demonstrative
21beneficiary _____kind; compassionate
22careen _____to grow embittered over time; to rot
23aplomb _____something existing outside of its proper time
24guile _____a flood; an overwhelming rush
25modicum _____to swerve or lurch from side to side while in motion
26fester _____a slavish follower
27languish _____something that covers or conceals
28pall _____to stare with an open mouth
29havoc _____warlike; relating to the military
30rancid _____to become weak or feeble; to lose strength

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