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Content Area Literacy - Chapter 7 (Literature)

Tangela Mosley

This word match puzzle was created using the vocabulary terms from Chapter 7 (Literature) in the Content Area Literacy - An Integrated Approach textbook.

Directions: Draw a line from each vocabulary term to its correct definition.

1body biographies _____the material students might like to read
2book clubs _____a systematic program that establishes regular reading times for students to practice their reading skills on pleasurable and self-selected content-related materials
3critical literacy discussion _____small groups of students meeting to discuss a common reading
4dinner party _____those feelings that cause a reader to approach or avoid a reading situation
5global literature _____journals where students reflect and write their thoughts so they can share their views with the teacher, peers, or parents
6library power _____literature that is found in bookstores
7literature response journals _____these audio (and sometimes video) commentaries can involve young adult novel critiques created with various software programs and archived for an audience of listeners
8podcasts _____a strategy based on the idea that you could invite characters from a young adult novel or any other form of text to your home for dinner and conversation
9reader attitudes _____a multimedia interpretation of a character in a novel or short story or a major figure in any content area
10readers theater _____students read aloud in a dramatic fashion to present key text concepts
11reading interests _____writing down what one believes an examiner wants rather than what the examinee really believes
12reading preferences _____a strategy that asks students to consider power relations in a novel with a particular focus on which characters have a voice and how race, class, and gender are constructed
13response bias _____selections of interest to readers ages 12 to 20
14sustained silent reading  _____what students like to read about
15tradebooks _____a growing array of young adult novels that chronicle life in the Middle East and other important international regions
16young adult literature _____strategies designed to expand the reading horizons of children by introducing them to the wealth of books in the school library

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