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Proverbs Chapter 4 - Proverbial Business English


The Author uses crosswords as games to enhance learning in his Proverbial Business English class at Incheon International Baptist Church. https://iibckorea.com/

This puzzle covers Proverbs Chapter 7.

All lesson material is published by I. M. Achristian, under the authority of Incheon International Baptist Church (IIBC), Songdo, Republic of Korea, 2018.

Instruction and instructional material is freely given and materials may be freely downloaded and/or promulgated for the ‘furtherance of the Gospel’.

No fee whatsoever is charged for instruction. It is provided as a ministry of IIBC. Classroom and online students are encouraged to visit the services of IIBC regularly to improve their English and grow spiritually.

All Scripture used in PBE lessons is taken from the King James Version, via e-sword, www.e- sword.net, or The Korean King James Version, reference (ref): http://www.keepbible.com.

Are you saved?

Please read: Romans Chapter 3:10, 23, 5:12, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-10, 10:13. Ask The Lord to save you. Read Romans 10:13 again. Are you a whosoever? Are you saved?

1Proverbs Chapter 4:1 'Instruction' _____Correction
2Proverbs Chapter 4: 2 'Doctrine' _____Law
3Proverbs 4:3 'Tender' _____Beginning
4Proverbs 4:4 'Commandments' _____Raise up
5Proverbs 4:5 'Wisdom' _____Skillful, to be wise
6Proverbs 4:6 'Principal thing' _____Wreath, something attached
7Proverbs 4:7 'Promote' _____Soft
8Proverbs 4:8 'Ornament' _____Instruction
9Proverbs 4:9 'Receive' _____Take
10Proverbs 4:10 'Taught' _____Point out

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