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/n/ Phoneme

Miss Cross

You are challenged to match the /n/ phoneme to its definition.

Mean A belief in yourself and what you can do
Meant Plural of woman
Branch To utter a threat against
Women To make or become straight in direction, form, position, character, conduct, condition etc.
Consider To cheer up or cheer on
Threaten In the space separating two objects
Knuckle A finger joint, especially the bottom joint where the finger meets the rest of the hand
Connection The act of connecting
Knowledge What is or can be known
Straighten To think about
Biennial Respect or esteem
Wednesday A frequency band for radio or channel
Confidence The limb of a tree or shrub
Encourage Happening every two years
Honour To intend or have the purpose
Between Past tense of mean
Another The third day of the week
Channel Further; additionsl

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