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Questions from the movie.

1What does Miguel's family do for a living? _____Photo
2What tore Miguel's family apart? Why? _____Héctor
3Who is Mamá Coco? _____Ernesto poisoned and killed Héctor
4How does abuelita feel about music? _____Ernesto de la Cruz
5Who is Dante? _____He plays his guitar and sings one of Ernesto's songs.
6According to Miguel, who is the greatest musician of all time? _____Papá
7What do Ernesto and Miguel have in common? _____Ernesto stole the songs that hector wrote.
8How did Ernesto de la Cruz die? _____Ernesto de la Cruz
9Who always said "seize the moment"? _____Miguel's great grandmother who has trouble remembering things.
10What happens just as Miguel is ready to play guitar in public? _____Ancestors
11Día de Muertos is the one night of the year our ___ can come visit us _____Amazing, but his family finds him.
12If a family doesn't put a ____ on the ofrenda, the spirits can't cross over. _____Ernesto
13Miguel decides to seize his moment by paying in ______ _____, even if it kills him. _____The petals blow, ancestors come out, Miguel turns into a ghost.
14What do Miguel's parents want him to do instead of shining shoes? _____Miguel's Great great grandfather left his family for music
15The photo of Mamá Imelda breaks and Miguel finds a photo of a man with Ernesto de la Cruz's ______. _____He sneaks in with the contest winners.
16Mamá Coco calls the man in the photo _____. _____Ernesto de la Cruz
17Miguel wants to play the talent show but needs a _________. _____Love of her life
18What happens when Miguel strums the guitar? _____The dog who hangs out with Miguel.
19Why is Héctor disguised as Frida Kahlo? _____They make shoes
20No photo on an ofrenda means no crossing ______. _____Héctor
21Why can't Mamá Imelda cross the bridge? _____Remember me
22How can Miguel undo the curse? _____They both started as nobodies
23Mamá Imelda gives Miguel her blessing to go home to put her photo on the ofrenda BUT he can never _________. _____He plays "Remember Me."
24Who does Héctor claim to know that attracts Miguel's attention? _____Bridge
25How does Héctor disguise Miguel? _____No
26Can Héctor really get Miguel tickets to Ernesto de la Cruz's sunrise Spectacular? _____She hates it, so she banished it from the house.
27Where does Miguel need to go meet Ernesto de la Cruz? _____He must win a music competition because the winner plays at Cruz's party.
28Who does Miguel discover taught Ernesto de la Cruz everything he knows about music? _____He falls into the pool.
29How does Miguel's first performance turn out? _____Mariachi Plaza
30What did Miguel lie to Héctor about? _____She sings.
31When Miguel tells Mamá Imelda that she's ruining his life and the only thing that matters to him is music, what does she do? _____Because his family doesn't have a photo of him at their ofrenda
32How does Miguel get into the party? _____With paint
33How does Miguel get Ernesto's attention at the party? _____Coco
34What happens before Miguel can meet Ernesto officially? _____Guitar
35Who saves Miguel when he falls into the pool? _____Music
36Who arrives just as Ernesto is about to give Miguel his blessing? _____He must get a family member's blessing.
37What does Héctor finally reveal that Ernesto did to him? _____Forget how much your family loves you.
38What does Miguel realize about Héctor's death? _____His grandmother shows up and stops him and then threatens a man with a shoe.
39Who is Héctor's daughter? _____That he has other family.
40What song did Héctor write for Coco? _____His parents want him to join them in the workshop to make shoes.
41Mamá Imelda discovers the truth and wants Miguel to go home and put up Héctor's photo, but still give up ______ _____A bell fell on him
42Mamá Imelda confronts De la Cruz and calls Héctor the __________. _____Play music
43After Mamá Imelda sings, she gives Miguel her blessing to go home, put up the photos and to never __________. _____The audience boos him and the lion takes him.
44What happens to De la Cruz at the end? _____Guitar
45What does Miguel do that causes Coco to remember her father? _____Because her picture is no longer on the ofrenda.

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