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Cervando Trujillo

16 Career Clusters 10/16/19

Agronomist  These people like to make food. Maybe they make food in front of you or make you food at restaurants.
Animal Caretaker  These people are very creative. They also improve the images that photographers take.
Commercial Diver  They can grow large amounts of food in a small area. They also study what type of bugs affect crops.
Food Scientist  We hear these people in radio stations. They announce the news too.
Forest Fighter  These people drive around in a big vehicle. They also take you to schools in the morning or take you home after school.
Chemist  These people make cartoons on kids shows like Mickey Mouse. Or on you tube making drawings for education.
Agriculture Educator  Theses people make sure that there are no hazards that can cause fire. If so they will deal with it.
Art dealer  These people play as a person in a movie. Or celebrities.
Astronaut  Is a teacher that teaches the health of farm animals. They also teach more about the food system.
Animator  These people like to study the brain. Or even check if you have a heart disease.
Bus Drivers  All the animals they take care of, sometimes come from zoo's. They also the basics rules before starting anything else.
Art Director  The people who repair things that are under water. Such as ships bridges and dams.
Announcer  These people like to hang around in space. They also monitor the sun and are stationed on the satellite.
Computer Network specialist  These people like to make up the prices for paintings made of famous people such as Picasso. This Is good if you have an interest in painting.
Dentist  These people repair your teeth if they break. Or see if you have cavities.
Cardiologist These people are the ones who look for clues to see who did the crime. Or solve murder mysteries.
Actor  These people keep the internet up and running. Or just keeps the servers running.
Astronomer  These people study other planets or study rocks that are in space. Just to make sure no space rock heads towards us.
Cook  They test to see if the food is healthy and on top tier. They also try to figure out how to make other food come with less fat.
Detective  These people use chemicals and use them to create all kinds of products. They developed artificial flavor.
  These people try to solve mysteries and try to show proof. Or to try to discover a murderer.

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